Residents enjoy our spacious contemporary urban floorplans

Residents enjoy our spacious contemporary urban floorplans

Moving and Decorating Allowances

1) $1,500 move-in credit for moving & decorating - occupy by September 30, 2019

Selling a home?
Transitioning out of a Lease?

1) Ask about our hold policies

Our Specials

1) 1-Bedroom Apartment homes starting at $1,495 with $350 deposit

2) 2-bedroom apartment homes from $1,995

Prices subject to change without notice.

Parking and Storage Allowances

1) Parking allowances on 5th & 6th floor apartments

Specials subject to change without notice.

250/250 program

1) A prospective resident must have their home listed for sale with a licensed Colorado realtor or provide a copy of an existing rental agreement with a 60 day notice provision.

2) An application for residency at 16 Penn must be completed and accepted including all applicable fees.

3) A twelve month lease agreement must be executed and the applicant must make the deposit payment.

4) Rent for the first two months will be $250/mo. Thereafter, the rent for the remaining ten months will be at the full rental rate.

5) The resident may move their furniture into the unit at 16 Penn at any time during the first two months, but they cannot sleep in the unit. Once they sleep in the unit, the full rent commences.